Explore how to initiate and maintain a trauma-informed conversation with victim-survivors who disclose domestic and family violence.

This skills-based workshop covers how you can engage people in conversations about domestic and family violence, specifically in the context of concern for their safety.

This session is practice-based, with plenty of opportunities for you to fine-tune your skills through role-play and case studies.

We’ll delve into the complexity of lived experience of domestic and family violence, the multitude of ways people resist and respond, along with barriers to disclosing abuse. You’ll also learn about…

•    How to initiate trauma-informed conversations about domestic and family violence, and how to keep them going
•    How and when to name domestic and family violence within these conversations
•    The key features of a trauma-informed response
•    Key conversational elements to explore with people subjected to domestic and family violence

For professionals who work closely with women and/or families.
Wednesday May 22, 9:30 am – 4:00 pm
Prior Knowledge:
a foundational knowledge of domestic and family violence principles.
6 hours