Earlier Access to Support and Engagement (EASE)

EASE provides early intervention support for people experiencing or at risk of experiencing domestic and family violence (DFV). EASE aims to support victim-survivors of DFV before risk increases or a crisis situation develops and assist victim-survivors to remain safe in a home of their choosing rather than being made homeless due to DFV.

What we can provide

  • Case management support; risk assessment, reviews and safety planning
  • Provide DV counselling and education for victim-survivors
  • Referrals to appropriate services
  • Keep or develop links between victim-survivors and their community and supports
  • Domestic violence education for communities that include key access points for DFV services

Who can access EASE

  • Clients staying/located in the Eastern or Western metropolitan region of Adelaide who are seeking domestic violence support.
  • Clients who may not recognize they are experiencing DFV and who may not feel comfortable to access specialist services. 
  • Families experiencing domestic or family violence where the couple may wish to remain in the relationship.

How to access Support through Ease

Please click on link below to take you to the referral form. A qualified domestic violence support worker will be in touch with you about your referral within 3 business days.