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Women’s Safety Services SA relies on donations and the generosity of our community to provide some our services. Most importantly, we rely on donations to help the women and children in our care.

All of our donations are tax deductible and we accept them in many ways.


In honour of Brevet Sergeant Jason Doig

We are so incredibly grateful to the family of Brevet Sergeant Jason Doig. Donations in to our service in his memory can be made here.

We are so incredibly grateful to the family of Brevet Sergeant Jason Doig. Donations in to our service in his memory can be made here.

Many people are forced to flee violent relationships with nothing, and find themselves needing to make many expensive purchases as they rebuild their lives. This includes new clothes, necessities for their children, groceries, fuel, furniture and the cost of moving house.

Donations to WSSSA can help support women in this difficult transitory period by giving them the choice to buy what they need. They can also help us to provide therapeutic programs for people impacted by domestic and family violence, and to enhance our services.

You can make a monetary donation either via Paypal or through EFT.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

or via EFT

Acc: 3472 172 41

BSB: 085 245
Women’s Safety Services SA

One of the best ways you can help support the people accessing our services is by helping them reach financial autonomy. Often, when someone is rebuilding their life, they do not have extra money for the essentials, or activities that might bring them joy. To help out, you can purchase and donate gift cards to supermarkets or cinemas, bus tickets or passes to the local swimming pool. For struggling families, being able to buy their own groceries and go on outings makes a huge difference to their wellbeing and ability to heal.

Interested in donating a gift card? Contact us 

We receive a lot of requests asking about the donation of second hand goods. While we appreciate the good intentions, we are unable to take any used items due to our limited storage. However, we encourage you to have a garage sale and donate the profits to us, or to donate your goods to another charitable organisation such as Second Chances SA.

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Events and activities that are organised by the community and individuals contribute greatly to WSSSAs’ ability to deliver essential items and services to families to support them in their journey towards a safe and stable future which is free of violence. This fundraising information pack will provide you with all the information you require to register and run a fundraising event or activity supporting WSSSA.  Your continued support is greatly appreciated and we wish you luck in your fundraising.

On behalf of WSSSA and the women and children we support, thank you!


Leaving A Legacy for South Australian Women and Children

Making a charitable bequest to Women’s Safety Services SA Is an enduring gift that can help change the lives of women and children affected by domestic and family violence. Through your bequest, you can help to continue our work to improve the lives of others, and in our fight against gendered abuse.

Consider the future of Women’s Safety Services SA

Women’s Safety Services SA and its predecessors and associated services have provided support such as accommodation, including crisis accommodation, counselling, financial assistance and oureach services to South Australian women and children for over four decades.

The support we receive helps us provide the best service we possibly can. Bequests are one our most most meaningful forms of support that can be given to us, as they reflect the character and passion of the person who has made the bequest.

A bequest is a legal gift of personal property, such as money or personal items of value, that are given by will after a person has passed away. Once you have looked after your family and loved ones, you may wish to consider making a gift to Women’s Safety Services SA.

If you would like to make a charitable bequest to Women’s Safety Services SA in your will, you will need to speak to your lawyer about making provision in your will. Your will ensures that your estate is divided in the way you intended, and can help ensure that your core values live on after you have passed away. Your lawyer can help make sure your family honour your wishes. However, you should also talk to your family about your wishes, to help them understand that your bequest is important to you.

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