Partnerships and Projects

Thriving Families

Thriving Families aims to highlight the individual needs of families when domestic and family violence are present, and to build capacity in specialist and community services to meet those needs.

Women’s Safety Services SA is currently developing a strategic direction for working with children who enter our services with their mother or caregiver. This involves providing the theoretical and evidence-based position that underpins the work we do and then attending to the specific needs of children, which includes working to heal the relationship between mothers and children.

WSSSA is currently in partnership with Flinders University’s SWIRLS Centre (Social Work Innovation Research Living Space), and funded through the Early Intervention Research Directorate (EIRD), to explore a shared approach between Dept. of Child Protection and WSSSA that influence the movement of children into Out Of Home Care.

Friends of Women’s Safety Services SA

The engagement of consumer advocates assists WSSSA in understanding the impact of its work on women and children who use the service, in forming policy and practice within the organisation.

Muti-agency Hub

The Multi-Agency Hub is a collaboration and integration of services dedicated to the safety of women and children, as well as the accountability of perpetrators of domestic and family violence. Women’s Safety Services SA aims to provide safety to women and their children by ensuring the representation of domestic and family violence is trauma informed, and makes visual the perpetrator of violence and their responsibility to the family’s safety.

Stakeholder management

There is an increasing interest in researching domestic and family violence. Women’s Safety Services SA has many requests to interview and engage with both clients and workers in the DFV sector. The Strategic Projects Portfolio evaluates (in consultation) the requests that come to WSSSA and manages the process for meaningful engagement of WSSSA clients and staff to support the understanding of the work in this sector.


We are committed to evidence based practice and if you are interested in engaging with us around research please send an email to