Intimate Partner Violence in LGBTIQ+ Communities

Domestic and family violence (DFV) can happen to anyone.  Research shows that as many as one in three people in the LGBTIQ+ communities have experienced intimate partner violence, either in their current or previous relationship.

Women’s Safety Services SA (WSSSA),  as an organisation that employs and provides services to a diverse range of people across the South Australian community, embraces the diversity of expression of human gender, sexuality and relationship structures.

WSSSA recognises that LGBTIQ+ people and their families are subject to significant discrimination and hardship due to prejudice against their sexual and/or gender identity.  WSSSA acknowledges that this can create barriers in reporting abuse to SA Police or seeking support from services.

WSSSA is committed to providing safe and inclusive services that are respectful to all within the LGBTIQ+ communities.



Domestic Violence Crisis Line 24/7
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1800 RESPECT – 24/7
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