Women’s Safety Services SA (WSSSA) supports women and their children who are experiencing domestic and family violence. We are an organisation committed to helping people find safety and support during and after experiencing abuse.

WSSSA has a range of programs and services over numerous sites to assist people in South Australia.

When you contact us, whether through the Domestic Violence Crisis Line or one of our programs directly, we will believe you, hear your story, talk with you about your concerns, work with you to understand your risk, hear from you about what you want and support your safety.

We believe all women and children have the right to live safely in their homes, and that experiencing domestic and family violence is a fundamental breach of human rights. We advocate for all perpetrators of violence to be held accountable for their actions.

Most of all, we believe domestic violence is everyone’s business and that all levels of society must work together to strive for its elimination.

Our Structure

We are a non government organisation and operate under a board of management.

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Our Mission

We provide integrated responses to our clients through the provision of specialised, accessible and flexible models of service delivery that are:

  • informed by the lived experience of women and their children
  • responsive to the diversity of the lives of women and their children
  • easy to access
  • evidence-based and high-quality
  • engaged in effective strategic partnerships
  • strong in advocacy and Influence
  • supported by a sustainable organisation

Our objectives

Embed the voices of women and their children at all levels of WSSSA’s organisation and services

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Acknowledge, respect and reflect the diversity of women and their children

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Build and support a sustainable workforce

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Develop and strengthen intentional and effective networks and partnerships

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Strengthen WSSSA sustainability through improved governance, structure and systems

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Our Values

We value and are committed to

  • Violence against women and their children is a breach of human rights

  • The safety of women and their children is central in all responses

Our Board

Maurine Pyke QC portrait

Maurine Pyke QC

Chair - Board of Management

Chair - Finance and Audit Committee

Vicki Jacobs Portrait

Vicki Jacobs

Treasurer – Board of Management

Committee Member – Finance and Audit Committee

Sarah Wendt portrait

Sarah Wendt

Deputy Chair – Board of Management

Helen Radoslovich portrait

Helen Radoslovich

Secretary - Board of Management

Jacky Dakin  portrait

Jacky Dakin

Board Member – Board of Management

Hon Lea Stevens Portrait

Hon Lea Stevens BSc Grad Dip Ed

Board Member – Board of Management

Marta Lohyn portrait

Marta Lohyn BA (Hons) MA

Board Member – Board of Management

Sharon Walker-Roberts portrait

Sharon Walker-Roberts

Board Member – Board of Management
Committee Member – Finance and Audit Committee

Maria Hagias portrait

Maria Hagias

Chief Executive Officer