Domestic & Family Violence Training For Professionals

Women’s Safety Services SA (WSSSA) is South Australia’s leading specialist in providing an integrated response to women and children experiencing domestic and family violence.  As part of this work, WSSSA develops and delivers practice and skill-based training around recognising and responding to domestic and family violence.
WSSSA delivers foundational, intermediate and advance level courses that address the core knowledge and skills required to respond to families affected by domestic and family violence, as well as more specialised modules that focus on exploring key high-risk factors.

Online Learning

Our recently launched “Understanding Coercive Control” eLearning module is an online, self-paced online learning course, designed to support participants in developing their ability to recognise coercive control and support clients who are being subjected to it.

You can learn more about our “Understanding Coercive Control” eLearning module here.

In-Person Training

Our in-person training, offered across two semesters each year, provides the opportunity for attendees to build their skills in recognising and responding to domestic and family violence within an interactive and supportive setting alongside their professional peers.

WSSSA currently offers training packages via three main delivery options for our in-person training:


Individual staff can book into a course via our Training Calendar, which offers core units at regular intervals throughout the year. Learning is in a multi-disciplinary context.

Details will be provided below when events are available for booking.


Organisations can request a training package for their staff group, delivered at a location chosen by the requesting organisation. Learning is contextualised to the particular needs of the staff group.

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WSSSA can work in partnership with a requesting organisation to develop a tailored learning package that meets the specific needs of that workforce. Learning is targeted to the strategic directions of a sector/organisation. Costing/contracts negotiated.

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Build your foundational knowledge of domestic and family violence in an Australian context.
Develop an understanding of coercive control within the context of intimate partner violence so you can better support the peoples you work with, and help to shape a safer community for all.
Explore how to initiate and maintain a trauma-informed conversation with victim-survivors who disclose domestic and family violence.
An advanced level course in conducting risk assessments, planning for safety, and meeting obligations under the Family Safety Framework.
Domestic and family violence can be experienced by anyone. If you are in a leadership position in your workplace, this course will help you support the wellbeing of all employees by building your skills in responding to disclosures of domestic and family violence.
Doing work where you support people who have been harmed by other people perpetrating violence, abuse, or oppression, can be a source of strength and enrichment. It can also be challenging for our minds, bodies and spirit.

Domestic and Family Violence: Foundations

Build your foundational knowledge of domestic and family violence in an Australian context.

If you are a frontline worker in health, community, education or other professional who works with families, the ability to recognise domestic and family violence and know how to help is important. Our foundational course will help you to understand:

•    What is domestic and family violence
•    Common patterns and behaviours of someone perpetrating domestic and family violence
•    The link between gender inequality and domestic and family violence
•    Why domestic and family violence is a safety issue
•    How to support victim-survivors choices and safety 
•    Where to refer victim-survivors to for specialist support

We aim for you to complete this course feeling empowered to respond confidently and know how to promote the safety of the person you are supporting. 

WHO:      for any practitioner who wants to build a solid foundational knowledge of domestic and family violence, including how to recognise, respond and refer.
WHEN:   17 Aug 2023 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
PRIOR KNOWLEDGE:   none required.
DURATION:   4 hours

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